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Our services

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Starting from Web system development, Android/iOS App development, system operation and maintenance, or 2D/3D graphics creation, we will do our best to support you.

Our services

System development

From developing a highly sophisticated Web system, designing AWS infrastructure architecture, to operating and maintaining your existing system, we can help your business to prosper from many aspects.

Mobile App development

Starting from Android/iOS native app design, development until operation and maintenance, we will support all your app development needs.

2D/3D graphics creation

We perform a wide range of 2D graphics creation, from IP content illustrations to banners, and also 3D graphics creation such as modeling, textures, animation, and others.


HomyWorks is a communication tool for remote work.We will support you to make your team together with real team presence.

Service Details

Web system development

Web system development and maintenance / infrastructure construction

We develop and maintain a wide range of Web systems, including development / operation of Web services, business systems such as inventory management systems and attendance management systems. We can provide a robust system and infrastructure that can withstand large-scale transactions based on our experience in developing and operating online games that generate a large amount of access. We use cloud solutions such as AWS, and tune them appropriately to provide a stable system and at the same time reduce the costs involved.

App development

App development for smartphones

Since the introduction of smartphones around the world, we have been developing numerous iOS and Android native apps for major clients. For more than five years, we have been planning, developing, producing, operating, and providing customer support for applications that boast millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of monthly active users. You can leave your mobile application development to us.

2D / 3D graphics creation

2D / 3D graphics creation

Since the feature phone era, we have undertaken many graphic productions such as standby screens, retouch and dress-ups, virtual charcter, and mobile Flash animation. We have also worked on many world-famous character projects and have responded to strict supervision. For 3D projects whose demand has been increasing rapidly in recent years, we have a system in which creators with abundant achievements are enrolled and can handle all production processes consistently. While maintaining our strict quality, we have built a system that can handle regular production requests and a large number of production projects from detailed requests. 2D PORTFOLIO


HomyWorks | Communication for New Work Style!!

HomyWorks is a communication tool for remote work. Unlike general chat tools, HomyWorks enable you to see your visual colleagues online. You can see everyone's face and also their status by Emoji, Photo frame and Stamps! We will support you to make your team together with real team presence.→HomyWorks

Company Info

WestActon, Inc.
8F, Riverside Shinagawa Konan Bild.
1-2-5, Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo, Japan, 140-0002

CEO&President: Taro Noguchi
CTO: Victor Wissan
CCO: Masaru Suzuoki

Establishment: 2019/11/11
Capital: JPY 15M
Employees: 30

Main clients
   KLab Inc.
   GREE, Inc.
   RareJob, Inc.
   Hampstead Co.,Ltd.
   Somthingfun Co,Ltd.